Gregory was awoken By an abrasive honk Coming from the speakerwire, A system that ran All through his town of sloupville “The Onion Minister has come! The Onion Minister has come! He wishes to speak With the townsfolk at the village center.” Greg climbed out of bed, With his great long legs, And with a great moan, stood up To gather his bearings And look about his surroundings. Everything was as usual, An array of plants in his home. For a botanist, like Greg, It is as expected to have A great deal of subjects to test on. He boiled the kettle, And grabbed a piece of bread To munch on the journey To the village square. Everything was as usual, His neighbours all awake For they too, had heard the word Of the Onion Minister’s visit. “It must be important! What could it be?” He heard from his neighbour, Margaret Cream. She was a fine woman, Although haggard and worn She had done many a service To the townsfolk of Sloupville. She was a creamsmith, you see A demiwizard who creates delicious cream. Cream, is a paste Used to heal wounds and illness And has an absolutely wonderful, Delicious taste. He saw Anthony, Strongest man around, And he saw Jeff and Geoff, The brave two twins. They all walked up, Including Greg, To the towns square Where the Onion Minister was paying a visit. The Minister, you see, Is a wonderful character And is said to be The manifestation Of the great Onion. “Praise the Onion! I come with news! Praise the onion! I seek a hero!” The Minister chanted, With great delight As he swung on the statue Overlooking the townsfolk. “I have come too seek, the Onion tells me, A hero among you! A hero indeed! A hero who can defeat The disciples of peter, Three old beasts Who must be stopped.” The Minister jumped, Hopped down from his perch And started to dance And twirl his cane. “Peter is a menace, Known by many, And wishes to defeat Evil lord Ron, Ruler of Sloupville, Vastmeadow, Picollo City, And everything in the universe. Evil lord Ron Has ruled for some time Is greedy and cruel, And causes great suffering. Peter has arisen, From the ashes of Vastmeadow To defeat this man And nothing can stop him. Peter, however, Has caused much destruction And will continue to do so If he is not stopped. So I look for a hero, The Onion tells me, A hero among you In this very city.” So Minister spun around And with great zest Pointed his cane At the unlikely Greg. Greg was stunned, And frozen in place He didn't know what to make Of this sudden proposition. “It can’t be me! Not me, you see! I am a feeble man, Unknowing of adventure. Take large Anthony! Or Geoffrey and Jeff! I can’t be the hero, This must be a mistake!” The Onion Minister, Shook his head in confidence. “No no, dear Greg, The Onion makes no mistake.” All of a sudden, Greg ran home Not believing a word That he was just told. He was followed, however By the determined Minister Who knew of Greg’s powers Undiscovered by him. “Dear greg! My good man! Don’t you see? You must face this trial Not for me, but for you! You will learn a many thing About courage and might, Come with me to the swamplands, We will travel tonight!” “I cannot, I insist! I cannot do such thing! I must stay here in sloupville, And care for my plants.” “A Botanist, I see?” The Minister replied. “A Botanist indeed! You have some wonderful plants. Say, i’ll take you, And in return, You will see fabled plants Known only in picture books… Like the great Wumb-Lubble! Or the spiney Grafeau! And maybe, just even, The great Stonnto.” “A Stonnto, you say?” Gregory thought, That plant is almost myth If I could find that plant, I would be a legend in Sloupville. “Alright! I’ll go! But on one condition, Guide me through the swamp To find the plant I wish to find.” The Onion clapped, And with a skip and a jump, He exclaimed “we leave At the dawn of this night!” So Greg packed his bags, With cheese and aged juice, And an old heirloom, His red leather boots. He met the Minister, Late outside the town And they set off for the trek Through the swamp and bog. They talked on the way, Of the Onion in the sky The minister explained The history of this being. “He is very good, And he’s very good! He loves you with heart No matter what.” They finally arrived At the foot of the swamp And began their adventure Through the vines and mud. While wandering around In search of the plants Greg stumbled, somehow And lost the Minister. “Hello? Hello? Minister, please! If you are around, Please give me a sign!” Instead of a reply, From the Onion Minister He received a visit From Shrinking George. “Who goes here? In these parts of my swamp! Tell me your name, Or by Peter, i’ll have you dead!” “Sir, oh please! My name is Greg I mean you no harm… Would you like some cheese and bread?” “Don’t mind if I do!” Shrinking George said aloud As Greg opened his swag To reveal his fine delicacies. They both ate, and talked, And had a marvellous time Surprising to Greg, George was actually a nice guy. “Nice talking with you, But I must be off, I have an adventure, I must fulfill.” “As a Botanist, Greg…” Shrinking george said “... You must need aid in taking care of your plants. So take this wand, It makes any plant grow, To almost twice its size And revives it if dead.” “Thank you so much, Dear Shrinking George!” And he set off on his way To the end of the Swamp. He forgot about the plant When he exited the swamp, But continued on his way To find the minister. He was walking through A grassy plane, Unfamiliar to him And there was no one nearby. While walking across, He saw a peculiar sight, A large statue, Stood across from him He walked up to the statue, And with a great fright, The statue lept out at him, And grabbed his plant wand. “Hey! Give it back!” Gregory scolded. But what he saw next Made his throat go dry. The figure was tall, And had unkempt orange hair. It looked to be Richard, A rebellious being, Who used onion powers To gain the ability to time travel. “I cannot let you pass, to kill Peter or Ron, But solve my puzzle And i’ll have to leave you be.” Richard then grabbed Three cups from his bag “One is healthy,” He said, “And the others are poison. So what will it be, Gregory? Choose your fate.” Greg was in luck, It seemed to him For he studied the poison Found from his plants. He took a whiff of each And then held out his hand And picked the left cup For it was sweeter than the others. He took a sip, And saw Richard wore a scowl For Greg had fooled him, And chose the correct cup. Richard disappeared, With a poof of smoke, But left Greg’s wand And a small silver stone. He picked both up, and went on his way Towards the mountain He saw in the distance. When he reached The start of the mountain He again, saw the Minister This time, sipping some tea. “Where were you, daft Minister? I could have been killed By that Shrinking George fellow, Or Richard himself!” The Onion Minister stood up, And said to Greg, “But you didn’t need me, You survived on your own! Now continue your quest, Up the mountain you go! I’ll meet you tomorrow, At the other side And we will celebrate With the spoils of battle.” And all at once, The Minister disappeared, So Greg set off, To complete his journey. He trekked up the mountain, For hours and hours, Until he spied A large rock formation. This unnerved him For some odd reason So he approached the mount With much care and fascination. His gut feelings were right, There was something wrong, For the mound erupted Into a huge beast. “It must be impossible, How could this be? Is this indeed, The ancient beast, Soggy Pete?” He had no time to think, And instead grabbed his silver stone, And threw it at the creature Aiming for it’s eyeball. Somehow, this worked, The monster groaned in pain, And the the stone then exploded, In the monster’s face. But just as Greg thought The battle would be over, A figure emerge From the carcass of Pete. It was the shadow of Peter, A frightening sight, As he walked towards Greg Slowly, slowly, slowly. But what he did not predict, Was the Minister's presence, As he grabbed Gregory, And yelled “We must leave! The Onion has said, We must split the two nations Between Peter and Ron. And with a bang and a flash, The Minister swayed his staff, And the earth gave out, Splitting the core in two. This godly deed, Threw the earth to imbalance, And with a great explosion, It seemed everything had been destroyed. “Goodbye, Sloupville, Goodbye Minister. I’ll see you all again, In another life.”